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Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley corresponds with my demerit badge Traffic Jam. Inspired by the passionate wilderness advocate Edward Abbey who suggested in his book Desert Solitaire that national parks should not have roads, I created a weaving showing how roads cut through the natural landscape.

I started by drawing a topographical map of Yosemite Valley. Over the years, my husband and I have accumulated many maps. I love their topographical lines and they have shown up in my work time and time again.

Then I traced my drawing onto white cloth to represent the earth untouched by humans.

Using a sewing machine, I sewed each line.

I chose to sew the lines to show how the earth and the environment are hanging on by a thread. The green thread is the earth thriving in its pure, virgin state and the red is the earth bleeding from the construction of roads.

I sewed the roads onto black cloth to represent pavement. Do you agree with Abbey that national parks should not have roads?

Image Credit: Yosemite Valley, 2019 | Thread on fabric | 14x17 inches 

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