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Wilderness is Not a Luxury

I may be a little carried away with making art for my upcoming solo show: Paradise Lost. I created this piece to decorate the gallery’s restroom!

Paradise Lost explores the nexus of recreation and stewardship. Featuring a breadth of mediums including paintings, wall hangings, installation, and embroidery, the exhibition invites viewers to analyze their relationships with nature. Paintings span from untouched landscapes to those seen through screens and windshields. Merit and demerit badges reframe and modernize the traditional “Leave No Trace” ideals. Wall hangings with topographical imagery map the human impact on the natural world. Installation work creates a space for viewers to examine the dichotomies between the human desire to preserve the wilderness and to enjoy it.

Exhibition dates - July 14-August 1, 2021

Hours - 1-5pm, Wednesdays – Sundays

Artist reception - Friday, July 16th 6-8pm

Location - Art Lab Fort Collins, 239 Linden St., Fort Collins, CO 80524

Image credit: Wilderness is Not a Luxury, 2021 | Acrylic on wood | 17x24 inches

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